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What Would You Do About The Dodo Bird?

A thought-provoking exercise about animals and our environment.

It's true, the Dodo Bird has been extinct for hundreds of years. But imagine a world where they are still alive, but only a few are left. It's up to you to make a plan for their survival. What would you do?

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Our Fans' Ideas:


  • Jacob - February 24, 2023

    Holton, Michigan

    I'd have a team of students join me and protect the dodo birds by putting them with us to live with us we'd all have one male and one female to help them breed back to life and once there are at least 12 grown babies we'd release them back into the wild.

  • Mason - February 24, 2023

    Holton, Michigan

    I would put the dodos in a lab and breed them.

  • Elle - February 24, 2023


    I would make it illegal to hunt the dodo and breed it so the population of dodo can grow

  • Brahm - December 1, 2022

    Aboite, Indiana

    Save the dodo bird ‘cuz they’re my favorite Dinosaur!

  • Mathias - November 8, 2022

    Bethel, California

    I would try to ressurect two a male and female and keep a close eye on them and study them

  • Bentley - February 23, 2023

    Armory High School, Mississippi

    I would create a force field comparable to the one they have in Wakanda and not allow anyone to enter that area until the dodo birds are abundant and can protect themselves.

  • Jamie

    I would set up breeding programs and reintroduce them back to Mauritius island

  • Katherine - February 17, 2022


    I would make a zoo that not only breeds dodo birds but as a resting place for injured ones and make a law saying if you kill dodo birds you will have to pay a $500,000 fine or serve in prison for 8 years

  • Emilio - December 14, 2021

    I would take the last dodo bird alive with me and breed it and not return it until it is safe

  • Delilah A. - October 20, 2021

    Lasalle Languge Acadamy

    I wouldmake a dodo bird reservation program at the zoo to keep the population up

  • Laine - October 2, 2021

    Sterling, North Carolina

    I would buy a small private island for the dodos, and then I would breed them until there population is decent,then I would keep a close eye on them as long as I can,and I'd also get people to help save the dodos!!

  • Aayushman Chaturvedi - September 11, 2021

    Kurukshetra- Haryana -India

    As one of the main reasons dodo went extinct was poaching And as they had a friendly personality they did not fear to come closer to the humans . So the best way would to be legally ban poaching of all animals not just dodos , and put the left ones into a contained quarantine Dodos were probably one of the most friendly animals so If scientists should prioritize them if they're going to recreate any extinct organism #SaveTheDodos

  • Georgia - August 3, 2021

    Wainuioru School, New Zealand

    If the dodo bird was still alive I would put the remaining few in a zoo for a little bit and breed them. Also, make Mauritius Island restricted so only certain people could go there like vets. At Mauritius Island, there would be a certain time you go there and hunt the dodos.

  • Liv - April 20, 2021

    DHMS, Burbank, CA

    I would make it illegal to hunt dodo birds.

  • Ayse - March 1, 2021

    England - Stockon on tees

    I would have took them to a centre were they could help the dodos from getting extinct

  • Ajanta Biswas - September 11, 2020

    Bangalore, India

    To improve their survival we need to take care of their habitat and breeding. Awareness of the importance of birds is extremely important .

  • Tamrat Feleke - September 4, 2021

    Oakland Military Institute, Oakland, CA

    I would do is to stop extinction is Put them in a zoo so that they'll be protected and won't be eaten. Also make sure that most of them are females because females give birth and that will make more dodo birds.

  • Nicole - February 25, 2019

    From JHS 185 - New York

    I would make laws of not to kill dodo birds. The government should ban killing or touching these special bird. They should be someplace safe for them. If they didn't do any thing to us why would we harm them. Dodo birds have been extinct for a long time. If dodo birds still existed, we should protect them! They are part of the world, our family. #SaveTheDodos

  • Schwabe - November 16, 2018

    From Iowa, USA

    I will make the people who was going to kill the dodo birds from coming extinct because the will be so big and then the rates I will make sure that the dodo eggs from being eaten

  • V - September 29, 2018

    From Korea

    I would have taken all the dodo with me to my house. I would take special care of them and would kept in a secret place. I would have not tell any body about it only to my mother, father and my brother. I would have tell the government to keep it a secret and help to save them.

  • Nilli - August 29, 2018


    1) Breed them like chickens 2) Fund a Dodo Fun Park 3) Get money 4) Start a Foundation for Dodo Protection Program 5) Establish them in their natural habitat again 6) Breed them as pets simultaneously 7) Profit

  • Cristal- June 14, 2018

    John Kennedy High School - Granada Hills, Los Angeles, California

    If I had a dodo, I would probably allow it to live in the open wild although it would be closely monitored and its safety would be insured. This is because the dodo had previously been extinct and it would be very interesting to study this new unique animal from a long time ago for scientific reasons, as humans are always trying to find new species to discover.

  • Arnav - May 29, 2018

    From Litera Valley School - Patna

    I would keep all the dodo at one place and would take special care for then and i would request the government to ensure about passing the law that if anyone kills dodo for their personal use strict punishment would be given to him as well as fine would be charged.

  • Nikita - May 25, 2018

    From Bharti Public School in Delhi

    I will stop hunters and sailors to hunt them. I will take care of their habitat which can be destroyed.

  • Ryan - May 23, 2018

    From Heathow Elementary - Florida

    Take them and protect them.

  • Matt - May 22, 2018

    From Potomac, Maryland

    First, get them to a secure location. Second start breeding them. Third hire news stations to cover the story to gain public support. Finally, once there are enough of them, I distribute them in a wide variety of places around the world.

  • 3rd grade - May 2, 2018

    From Maryland

    We would make sure that the dodo bird would have food and the right place to live.We would also make a plan for them to survive so they can have happy life's.Lastly we would make sure they lived in the right environment.

  • M.E.M 3rd grade - May 2, 2018

    From West Friendship in Maryland

    I would make it illeagle to go on the island and have people to donate seeds to a found that i would make and hope and pray that they will live forever. Also I would make a breeding center for the very important and precious dodo birds

  • Another 3rd Glade Class- May 2, 2018

    From Maryland

    I would find their diet and then give them their food and also i would take some of the dodo birds to labs so they can check if the birds have any diseases and to lay eggs.

  • Another 3rd Graders Class - May 2, 2018

    From Maryland

    I would take a few birds from the island of Mauritius and take a few birds to somewhere that Dodo Birds aren't common and I would ask the people who were hunting the Dodo Birds to please stop. I would also make sure that everyday the Dodo birds are healthy with nuts,seeds ,and berries. I would also make sure the Dodo birds are always muiltipliyg. This is how we think we would help the Dodo Birds from becoming extinct.

  • Third graders - May 2, 2018

    From Maryland

    We would also try to convince the hunters to stop hunting the dodo bird and we would also catch the predators and take to another safe place were they can't hunt dodo birds.

  • Paula - May 1, 2018

    Colegio Ponceno in Puerto Rico

    I would help all i can i would even pay people to help save them i have this English pregect and i didnt want it but know i like them and most people dont care about extinct animals some friends of mine kill bees and i get so angry i sometimes scream at them cause its so mean couse their endangered and if dogs or cats are getting extinct i wish that never happens but if they were i dont know how they would react but i wish the phones and video games were extinct for them so they could see how much people and animals are suffering in this worl since i talk spanish im so sorry if i write some things wrong

  • Ryan - April 26, 2018

    From Jewel Middle School/h3>

    I would take the dodo bird home and protect him/her. i would treat the dodo bird like my dog, i will play with the dodo bird ill feed the dodo bird and ill make sure nothing ever happens to him/her.

  • Nova - March 20, 2018


    What i would do if there were very little dodo's left on this planet is i would start a breeding program and have them breed with the closest relative the nicobar pigeon if there isn't enough genetic diversity. then when the dodo population achieved a steady rate of which dodo's were reproducing i would then re-introduce them back onto the island of Mauritius just off the coast of africa. and place them in certain zones were food is plentiful and they don't have to compete with invasive species for food

  • Angel - March 8, 2018

    From Durban Avenue in Hopatcong

    Build a shelter that raises the ones left so they repopulate

  • Kelli - February 21, 2018

    From Alta, California

    I would take them home and protect them.

  • Elizabeth - January 17, 2018

    From WJHS, Iowa

    Keep them in a genetics lab, and then let them lay their eggs without being harmed.

  • Will - December 20, 2017

    From Bromham VC Lower, Bedfordshire

    I would put all the dodu birds into a big sack and have them all make their eggs into a pile but make sure none of them crack as dodo eggs are worth increbidle large amounts of money then the dudo birds can have dodo chidlren. if we focus on educatoin and bird-human relations there is no reason we cannot come to an agreement that will prosperous for both human and dodo-kind.

  • Elise - November 21, 2017

    From WJHS, Winterset Iowa

    We would find out who the most common bird is to the dodo, then create a sanctuary to that specific bird. Once that is done, we can somehow create an evolution for the bird so it can have most similarities to the dodo bird, so eventually we may not have the actual bird, but we could have a creature that is most like it.

  • Mat - November 21, 2017

    From Winterset

    Make a farm land with breeding grounds and have a healthy environment so they can breed and make more Dodo's.

  • Matthew - November 21, 2017

    From Winterset Junior High, Winterset Iowa

    I would use my 300 acres of farm land and preserve it. I would make sure that there is a water source and plenty of food. Place the Dodos on the farm land and let them live with their swag.

  • Loren - October 28, 2017

    From the Sierra Club, New York, New York

    Dear, I love this site! Dodo birds are my favorite animal! I really wish to bring them back. As president of the Sierra Club, I would do quite a few things. I would create a sanctuary for all of the dodo birds to live in and reproduce. Once enough dodo birds have been created, I certainly would begin to put some of the dodo birds out on the island of Mauritius, the original habitat. If Mauritius is a success for the dodos, more and more would be released. However, if Mauritius fails, then we will continue to search for a better suitable dodo habitat. Hunting dodos would be illegal until over 750,000 dodos are in the wild. You will need a special permit to hunt dodos, and people can sell these permits. Furthermore, studies will be completed to see in what season dodos mate, making it illegal to hunt in that season.

  • Manuel- October 25, 2017

    From Kennedy Junior High School, Lisle, IL

    The things that I would do to protect these incredible species is that I would make a National Park on the island where they live, Mauritius. I would also create a law that dodo birds will be a protect species and hunting them woulf illegal.

  • Litzy - September 28, 2017

    Cambell Middle School, GA

    I will do is to get some of dodo birds eggs and chicks.

  • Sophie - April 23, 2017

    From PLES

    Find other dodos cage them together(but in a save way.).then they would be able to breed and make a bigger population of dodos.Then we would reales them in a save environment so they would not be harmed by humans or predators.

  • Rachel and Karl - April 20, 2017

    From PLES

    We would give them a habitat where nobody can hurt or eat them and it would be a restricted area with protection

  • Sophie and Alex- April 20, 2017

    From PLES

    we would make a dodobird sancturay so they can breed and make more dodos:)

  • Maddie & Joseph - April 20, 2017

    From PLES

    We would build a sanctuary/safe house and rescue them and make sure they are safe and they can lay eggs happily.We would feed them seeds,nuts,and berries to make sure they are healthy.We would give them a checkup and people who work here would do the same thing.That's what we would dodo.

  • Dylan and Hannah - April 20, 2017

    From PLES

    I would get a shelter for them and find food for them,So they can live a life. I would find a island only for dodo birds and the things that they eat.

  • Adler and Aryanna - April 20, 2017

    From PLES

    I would go to on a boat.Then go to where they live give them nuts,seed,and fruit.I would also build a shelter foe them and care for them and spread the word them

  • Zyheir and Sydney - April 20, 2017

    Put them in a zoo so that they'll be protected and won't be eaten.Also make sure that most of them are females because females give birth and that will make more dodo birds.

  • Nick and Jaden - April 20, 2017

    From PLES

    I would give them a safe place to live and a good food/water source.

  • Navera and Corbin - April 20, 2017

    From PLESM

    So what we would do maybe we can help get its prey to feed and we could have a really safe shelter.

  • Ailyn and Brett- April 20, 2017

    From PLES

    I would put the Dodo birds on a ship and take them to a location where nobody can find them.

  • Danielle- December 19, 2014

    I would get a petition going, to have the dodo bird preserve as an endangered species. Making unlawful to kill. Now while I'm waiting for the government to get there heads out their asses and actually get this signed and sealed. I would find a place in the country of Ireland and build a secret place under ground to keep the safe when predators come around. Survalance cameras and equipment everywhere. And only 3 ppl know where these birds location.

  • Menka - December 18, 2014

    From FFCA North Middle School in Calgary/Alberta, Canada

    The most important thing to start with is to know their exact number in the wild, and about their niche. The next thing is to change the emblem of WWF and other WILDLIFE protecting organizations to DODO bird. This will make a quick and prompt reminder to people to stop hunting these birds and start to think about their survival. This is because these organizations are very powerful and they have many resources to start a DODO BIRD protection programs right away. When you have dodo bird as their emblem this will be visible to a wide area of population all over the world. But this emblem will be rotating on a year to year basis. This is because that many other animals also need protection. Once concrete steps have been taken to protect the population of the dodo bird then the emblem will be replaced with some other threatened species. This is a very cheap, economical and practical solution to protect our wildlife species. The wide spread education about this bird with the help of organizations like WWF, PETA, and other strong people involved in this world will ensure a best possible outcome.

  • Lisa - December 17, 2014

    From Cleveland, OH

    Teach them how stay away from hunters some how.

  • Ryan - December 17, 2014

    From Gardiner Public School in Ontario, Canada

    First, I would get all of the dodos that are alive and take them to my house to breed them. Once there are more dodos I would take one or two of them to scientists to they can examine them and learn more about the dodo. I would then donate some to local zoos so they can take care of them. I would send some back to Mauritius so they can start a new life there. I would only keep to for me, one male and one female. I would name them. I would train them like you would with a dog. I would play with them, feed them and provide a safe environment for them. I would find a way to have them under go a surgery to that they can talk. I would show the dodo to my friends so they can become known around town. I would take them with me wherever I go and take amazing care of them. Later, I would start a dodo farm. I would love each and every single one of them.

  • Vanessa - December 17, 2014

    From planet earth

    First things first. I will give one a hug and say "I am sorry for all the harm and brutality humans have bring upon his kind". I would declare their home Mauritius a wildlife santuary for the Dodo bird and any other creatures there. Hunting them or poaching will be illegal and punishable by 10+ years in prison. Some pairs will be brought into zoos or other facilities to see if breeding is possible. And lastly I will try to raise awareness about the fragility of their existence and other poor creatures alike in order to educate current and future generations on how to take care of our planet and all its creatures. Part of this propaganda would be a dodo shirt with a heart standing on planet Earth with the words " Is not too late, save us".

  • Tayin- December 14, 2014

    From Pointview school in Danemora, Auckland, New Zealand

    Our kiwi in NZ will probably be extinct in my life time but future generations will really enjoy the film footage of the glass panelled dark sanctuaries created for visitors to enjoy this incredible creature. I would do the same for dodo.Imagine what it would be like to watch a dodo hatch out of an egg

  • Kayla - December 8, 2014

    From Homeschool at San Francisco,CA

    I would build a secret hide out that blends into the environment to keep the dodo Birds safe from humans and predators.

  • Garrett - December 3, 2014

    From Cedar Bluff Elementary in Knoxville Tennessee

    I would make a Dodo Bird organization and every time one was born I'd let one free but I'd make sure it knew how to survive so at the organization I would teach them how to survive on there own before I let them go.

  • Rowen - December 3, 2014

    From Glenwood Springs Middle School in Glenwood Springs ,Colorado

    I would create the dodo make more and then have an army of dodo's the kill all the people who don't like the dodo bird :)

  • Abbey - December 2, 2014

    From Newport, OR

    I think they have migrated their genetic mitochondria into a variety of species DNA as is evidenced in politics and the animal kingdom. We have a lot of Dodo's around now. Last week we had an owl run into our motor home as pictured. He quickly went from being a wise owl to a "DoDo owl"

  • Kathryn - December 2, 2014

    From Madison Elementary

    I LOVE DODO'S!!! They're so awesome. If they were still alive right now I would make a reservation for them. I can not believe that humans killed them. They had no natural predators so they didn't know what to do. They were curiouss not stupid.

  • Patience - November 27, 2014

    From United States

    First I would quarantine Mauritius. Make it a wildlife reservation. No man would be to go on or off the island. Next I would start with test tube dodo babies. I would allow the wild dodo to repopulate while keeping the test tube babies in the best zoos and scientific facilities. Long live the dodo.

  • Logan - November 19, 2014

    From St. Petersburg College in Seminole, Fl

    I would first take DNA samples then keep them in a safe environment. I would then partner with scientist to study their genome and see what genes give the dodo their physical characteristics. After determining these genes I would, with the help of scientist of course, create these genes in a lab and insert these genes into their closest living family member. Once repopulated I would introduce these birds to certain dangers all birds deal with so they would not be so fearless. After this I would put them on a protection list and make it a federal crime to even think about harming these animals. With this idea I believe the dodo's would flourish and be happy.

  • Andreas - November 17, 2014

    From Swiss International School in Winterthur, Zürich, Switzerland

    I'd let nobody know that they exist until they get really many and BUY an island on Mauritius and let nobody on the island and let them live there for ever!

  • Colleen- November 16, 2014

    From University of Missouri-St. Louis in St. Louis, MO

    Since it seems the Dodo's isolation might have led (in part) to its extinction, I would isolate their home island for a few breeding pairs to continue their isolated evolution without human intervention. A few more breeding pairs would be introduced to another area in which other factors could be introduced that could change the evolutionary track the bird had been on. Of course, scientists would monitor both sanctuaries, although they would have to do so remotely. And there would be a necessity for a defense perimeter that would have the ability to render trespassers unconscious...or beyond consciousness. Sharks with frickin' laser beams for an oceanic defense, perhaps?

  • Emma- November 15, 2014

    From Canyon Rim in Santa Ana, California/h3>

    Tell everyone if there old enough to go to college and learn to build a time machine and after you graduated college test it out first then go to 1662 and tell it to the locashon where the dodos at and go there .last get some dodos and take them back to 2014 and take them to the zoo and tell the zookepers to make a cage for them and maybe take them to there home.

  • Ramsey - November 6, 2014

    From Children's Garden Montessori in Richland Washington/h3>

    I would use the DNA to bring the DODO bird back. If i was the President i would would make the law that nobody could hunt the DODO birds.

  • Garrett - November 6, 2014

    From Winterset Iowa

    First of all I would train as a secret agent. Then I would sneak into England and take that DNA and run away as fast as I could. I would get my education as a doctor and combine the DNA with the DNA of a emu, or an ostrich. After the baby is born I would take the bird and raise it in a safe environment, then slowly introduce it to dangers so it wouldn't be helpless in the wild. Finally I would take it to a nature preservation sight. Then I would do the process over with another bird. I would unite the two birds and send them to their natural environment.

  • Jason - November 6, 2014

    From Winterset jr High School

    I would locate and put them all in a safe place where they can repopulate until there is enough then let them go and make it illegal to harm the just like they did with eagles

  • Tya - November 6, 2014

    From WJS in Iowa

    I would dig a large sanctuary underground with security at the entrance and i would keep all of the remaining birds there with the necessities and more.

  • Grace - November 6, 2014

    From Winterset Huskies, JH in Winterset, IA

    I would take them all and make a natural habitat inside the zoo or somewhere else that would be appropriate for them to stay and not get eaten or hunted.

  • Russell - October 30, 2014

    From Myles, NY

    Help them live.

  • Mike- October 28, 2014

    From The Peoples' Republic of Amerissa in Orn, Nebraska

    First, I would terraform Mars. I would do this by carefully causing the greenhouse effect to run rampant and melt the ice caps, and genetically engineering trees to survive with little water. I would plant these plants outside. They would "breathe" the carbon dioxide in Mars' atmosphere and "exhale" oxygen. Sooner or later, the polar ice caps would melt, and Mars would have water. Once Mars' atmosphere was mostly oxygen thanks to the trees, (which spread themselves with acorns and such, of course) I would load as many dodos as possible onto a spaceship. Then I would fly them to Mars, past Mars, and onto Europa. Then I'd hope they'd have enough water and go live on Mars myself.

  • Elise- October 26, 2014

    From Michigan, USA

    I would have a Dodo bird farm where they have all the nuts, fruits, and seeds to eat. They get daily exercise and nice comfy places to sleep.

  • Gage- October 22, 2014

    From UNA Elametary Shcool in Tennessee

    If we ever found out that more eggesited we should keep them in a special special place.

  • Anass- October 18, 2014

    From OIS (Ottawa Islamic School) in Gatineau

    I would make sure the Dodos stay alive. I would make a organization and I will get people to help me guard there Island and make sure no one hunts or kills them.

  • Katheryn- October 16, 2014

    From Marry Haris Moather Jones in Maryland

    I would make a program to help save the dodo bird and find a area where the dodo birds can stay nad live there lives. Will you help the dodo birds YES OR NO

  • Gemma- October 16, 2014

    I would get them all and start breeding them so the won't be extinct anymore.

  • Neil- October 6, 2014

    From Nevada Union High School in Grass Valley, CA

    I would like to resurrect the species in sufficient numbers to allow repopulation of a small island. I would then open a KFD restaurant and serve up several recipes of Kentucky Fried DODO. HAR!

  • Tom October 1, 2014

    From Edanhope

    I would talk about it at school. I would take pitchers of them and take one home.

  • Clay- September 22, 2014

    From Wimterset Jr High

    Clone them and keep them as pets.

  • Harshit - September 16, 2014

    From KV BAMRAULI in Allahabad

    I would take them to a safer place away from mauritius.I would take them to secret place. I would create posters for saving and i would put a reward who will save lives of this dod. I would love this animal

  • Himanjana- September 5, 2014

    From South Point School in Kolkata, India

    I should protect them from all kinds of dangers & tell the people not to hurt them.

  • James- September 2, 2014

    From San Pablo Central School in San Pablo City Philippines

    If dodo's were still exist i will make a campaign like the ALS ice bucket challenge and i will use the fund to protect them and preserve their habitat.. so that the following generation might see them.. sad to say im centuries late :[ ...

  • Cadel- August 28, 2014

    From Chula Vista middle school in Chula Vista, CA

    We would take samples and make them reproduce in there natural habitat.

  • Tyler- August 26, 2014

    would totally like protect the birds and stuff because dodo birds are gud and my dad wasn't there for me when I was little so I'd like ya know want to be a daddy to the dodo birds because dodo birds are gud.

  • Sameer- August 25, 2014

    From The Timesschool in Karachi

    Make a file about information of dodo birda.

  • Evie- August 16, 2014

    From Atlanta

    I would first have a fundraiser. Then, I'd buy one of those $3 million islands off ebay. (Yes, really!) I'd put the dodo birds on it, and come to the island to check on them every so often. If the dodo bird population ever got really big, I'd donate some birds to other islands. I would only donate a whole family though - I wouldn't separate any friends. Hopefully, so many dodo birds would be alive that they would be taken off even the endangered list!

  • Annie- August 8, 2014

    From 1st Grade

    I would gather some eggs on the island of Mauritius, and buy a pigeon and put them in her nest so they can hatch and baby dodos would come. This would keep the eggs away from hunters and their pets. I would put the babies in a brooder and when they are old enough I would put them in a dodo coop.

  • atharva - August 5, 2014

    From d.a.v. public school in Thane, Maharashtra

    We should have not harm them and should have conserve them

  • Shaila - July 29, 2014

    From Atlantic City

    Let the dodo live in its natural habitat and do not kill them because think abut new things we could learn and adventures that could of been. people would think we were careless and mean to creatures so if you are an animal lover you should try to help as much as you can so animals will still survive on earth.

  • Boner- July 25, 2014

    I would have them in a large dodo preservation area, take a lot of donations, and take care of those little adorable birds. Though I might just have to keep one for myself... Maybe call it Bubbers..

  • Claire- July 25, 2014

    From Arizona

    I would capture the ones left and brede them then ehen there is enough I would introduce them to small predetors then larger then larger untill they are familiar with them and know they are bad then start to release them into the wild group by group and see if they survive then I would keep breeding and releasing them

  • Jamal - July 24, 2014

    From Dixon high school in NC

    I think they should recreate the dodo bird and many other spices but keep them in a zoo or land where these creatures may survive.

  • HomeRoom 6 - July 24, 2014

    From HLC in Worcester

    We would built a habitat for them that consists of other birds to interact with. Also we would breed them and educate people on what they were and how to protect them. Then we would release them back into their natural habitat.

  • Alex- July 24, 2014

    From Albuquerque, NM

    To conserve the species the best course of action would be to make their survival lucrative and marketable. With a reasonable marketing strategy its conceivable that the public could be convinced that dodo feathers are the most desirable for use in pillows. This would promote coperations to take an interest in active breeding programs and the domestication of the dodo. A large market and active revenue from sales domesticated dodos would place the dodo no longer be on the brink of extinction, but rather more akin to cattle, chickens and other farmable animal species.

  • Dayana- July 15, 2014

    From Arendal International School in Arendal, Norway/h3>

    ðŸI would take care of the dodo bird and learn about them like, Were they lived a long time ago,how much taller can they get and how old they have lived and stuff like that. Then I would put the dodo bird exactly were I found itðŸ.

  • Emily- July 12, 2014

    From Bowness High School in Calgary, Canada

    I would put a few Dodos in the zoo and have them displayed to the public. I hope that people and kids in schools can know about this kind of animal and love it, so they'd be interested in knowing its histrory and also related to the world evolution.

  • Payton- July 8, 2014

    From Sligo Creek Elementary in MD

    I wade go bake in time and bring back as many dodos as I can and make it so There are no predators so that they can lay the eggs

  • Zaina- July 7, 2014

    From Bailey School in MA Lowell/h3>

    Keep their habitat alive and keep them free in the wild!

  • Trisha- June 30, 2014

    From PS191, New York

    I would give them a safe place to live and plenty of water.

  • Abhavya- June 29, 2014

    From Little Flower School in London/h3>

    i love animal and bird scince we should ban to kill animal and bird because of killing animal and bird they have reduce some large number animal like dodo , royal bengal tiger , blue whale.

  • Lawrence- June 26, 2014

    Give the animal the love and respect it needs to survive with a supportive diversified farm system in multiple areas with security measures implemented.

  • Isabella- June 17, 2014

    I would protect them and make sure no one could hurt them they would be protected as much as i can do.

  • Emarld- June 17, 2014

    From Roundhill Elementry

    I would make a new habitat and send dodo birds there and they would be protected and no one could harm them or hurt them.

  • Randall- June 15, 2014

    Use the DNA to clone the bird.

  • Kelly- June 14, 2014

    From Texas

    I would collect DNA from old ancient remains and use ginuea fowl to help bring back a high bred replication of the Dodo species. This is why science has found specialties such as cloning. In stead of cloning animals we already have. They should use it for correct uses such as this. I am not for cloning I don't like the idea of messing with mother nature but using this science wisely and in this situation would do great things. I respect science and the studies of better things, for instance producing a high bred Dodo bird. If people were going to raise them they should have to have a license. And take proper management classes then it should be regulated like the rest of upland game birds. No hunting tell populations were built up. Then harvesting techniques put in place. This brid should then be regulated for good breeding techniques and then put back on the island where it came from. I personally would love to have a Dodo Bird. I can't so I own Guniea Foul and they are pretty much a mini Dodo bird.

  • Dan- June 8, 2014

    From Tucson AZ

    Round up all the remaining dodos and have one last barbecue.

  • Eli- June 6, 2014

    From Adams Montessorri

    Let them be free

  • Britney- June 5, 2014

    From PPMSin Monroe, Washington

    I would hide all the dodo birds in my basement, that way they wouldn't die, and they would be able to reproduce in peace.

  • Homayoon - June 5, 2014

    From Binesh in Iran, Hamedan

    The humans should n`t killed them and animals should very important for us. i wish any animals don`t extinct and their life don`t endanger.what are you going to do for this animals in future.

  • Neangvannet- May 29, 2014

    From Svay Reing university in Svay reing

    Research the animals and birds.

  • Lexi- May 27, 2014

    From ME, USA

    I would save feathers and one egg if it had one, and if all of the dodo birds died out i would have something to remember about dodo birds!

  • Maria- May 25, 2014

    From Kitchener Ontario

    Zoos would be he first place I'd keep a dodo population and after they have increased in number see about re introducing them to their native habitat where they can play their ecological roll once again.

  • Marian- May 20, 2014

    I would build a big house and dig under it till it is very big . Then I Would plant a bunch of trees,make sure their was nuts, berrys,and seeds.Then take the Dodo Birds and let them breed.

  • SamiKei- May 18, 2014

    From Seoul, South Korea

    I would have protested against Dodo hunting.

  • Carlos- May 16, 2014

    From Hobby Middle School in San Antonio

    I would give donations to help them survive. As anyone who adores them would.

  • Catherine- May 16, 2014

    From Clough pike elementary in Cincinnati Ohio

    I would like the dodo bird back because i will see an extinct animal for the first time in forever and also i thought it would be cool to see one in real life!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melanie- May 15, 2014

    From Forest Oak MS in Maryland

    I would make share to put them in a comfortable location and give them all their needs. Al so try to make a law to never hurt or kill Dodo birds.

  • Garrett- May 12, 2014

    From Farmland Elementary in Maryland

    I would save them from extinction.

  • Acacia- May 1, 2014

    From Craig Felen Primary School in Swansea, Wales

    Treat them nicely by feeding them and keeping them in my house so no one can hurt them.

  • Tanner- April 29

    From Alcova GA

    I would clone one, i mean we have the dna! so clone one! we have every thing we need! come on make this the first dinosaur/dird come back from extinction!

  • Nash- April 29, 2014

    From Met Rishikul Vidyalaya in Mumbai/Maharashtra

    We should make a big national park or sanctuary for them just as their habitat. Strict rules and regulation should be taken. Take care of them and they will produce. Like this the population of dodos will increase

  • Bob- April 26, 2014

    Pass a law banning the hunting etc of dodos and not reveal the location of those dodo birds.

  • Zachary- April 22, 2014

    From Trexler middle School in USA

    I would create a secret farm where ONly few people would know the location of and help the dodo bird species repopulate.

  • Golganek- April 22, 2014

    Create sanctuaries which duplicate, as nearly as possible, their original wild habitat. This could be done virtually anywhere—ferals are hardly likely to survive long enough to become pests. Then, to cement the Love of Dodo, introduce captive-bred individuals as companion animals, making certain to train the veterinary community, as well as the prospective 'pet parents', in their care and maintenance for optimal health, well-being, and longevity. The importance of giving any adopted Dodo a lifelong home must be stressed; these special birds must not be 'fad pets', and shelters are already overburdened. Bird diapers already exist, and could be modified to fit the house Dodo, as could harnesses. Expect eventual breeding for 'fancy Dodos'—they are pigeons, after all. Though I doubt the base of fanciers would ever become huge, odds on those few being •quite• hard-core.

  • Carlos- April 20, 2014

    From Mexico

    I spread a culture on favor of the dodo birds, in which everybody would know how important they are for our planet as any other specie, and create the habitat for them.

  • Hailey- April 16, 2014

    From Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts

    Dodo birds became extinct due to the ease with which they could be hunted and introduction of invasive species. Many turtle species, in particular, have become extinct for the same reasons, and the Dodo bird was a good example of Darwinian evolution. If I were alive in a world where the Dodo birds' issues of survival were the same as they were then, I would work towards restoring the bird's natural habitat and to make hunting these birds illegal, as well as developing a conservation site for the birds. Implementing an educational program would also be necessary, so that people could understand why biodiversity is important, much like other educational programs that exist for endangered species. We still face this problem today with other endangered animals, and it is necessary to educate ourselves about the importance of biodiversity and the impact humans have on the species they interact with, both directly and indirectly.

  • Nicholas - April 7, 2014

    From Frank P. Long in New York

    Save them not shoot them.

  • Lacey- April 7, 2014

    From UCFU, CA

    Capture the bird and knock some sense into it so it would be able to survive.

  • Demingamlin- April 6, 2014

    From Don Bosco School in Itanagar

    I would build a park for all the animals who have bin extinct but few are left.

  • Sophia- April 4, 2014

    From San Marcos Middle

    I would put them on a undiscovered Island, and make sure no one could get to it. There would be scientists on a secret lab there, that if you discovered the Island, no one would find the dodos or the scientists. The Island would be named "Dodo Paradise", and they could live freely. The scientists would find out what berries, fruits, and nuts they eat, and I would grow a bunch of them. I would make sure that Dodo Paradise could not be tracked down. I would make sure the climate was perfect, and run tests on Mauritius to know what happened in winter, spring, summer, and fall on the island would be the same.I would run the whole thing in secret, making sure no one, not one person except the scientists knew, and we would classify them as extinct in till we could release them without being harmed.

  • Perryn- March 31, 2014

    From Badger Creek Primary School in Victoria Australia

    I would (when im older)go to these island were the dodo last lived and clone them so dodos can be living again. i would do the same to the thylacine(tasmanian tiger).

  • Unknown- March 20, 2014

    From Phoenix Association in Scarborough

    I would do my best to start a campaign against the cruelty to dodo.

  • Alex- February 19, 2014

    From London

    Make a zoo just for dodos and make them breed , whilst living a free life as well.

  • Andrea- March 18, 2014

    From Morse

    I would put them in an enclosed habitat so nothing could hurt them and feed them and put them on a diet. LOL ROFL :)

  • Katie- March 15, 2014

    From Bessemer Academy in Alabama

    I would move them all to a private protected island.

  • Aidan- March 3, 2014

    Isolate them, declare them endangered, and make hunting them a feloney until the dodos are repopulated

  • Steven- February 28, 2014

    From Peary Middle School

    I would save them.

  • Travis- February 27, 2014

    From LA

    I would suck them up with a Vacuum then spit them out onto the Earth in a remote location. Where they would live with other species such as the Crocodile, Lions, Snakes and Panthers.

  • Emily- February 27, 2014

    From Wilmington Middle School in Wilmington, Ohio

    I would go around an help by keeping them somewhere where people could breed them so there population would go to where there is thousands also make sure no poachers would get them i guess so they wont use there fur

  • Honor- February 27, 2014

    From Chicago, IL

    Just like the National Parks preserve many animals and forms of life, I would have a similar habitat for Dodo birds. They would have few to no predators, just like their original habitat. They would be able to breed and grow their population over time. Long live the dodos!

  • Travis- February 25, 2014

    From Texas, U.S.A

    Knowing that extinction may be the result of the lack of safety; I would suck them up with a vacuum and push them out into a pen that is in a remote location, I would feed them as much as they can eat so they get fat and breed.

  • Ryan- February 24, 2014

    From D.C.

    Dodo birds are Epic. i Would keep them in a bunker and make more of them so there could be more.

  • Emma- February 24, 2014

    Northcote Primary School in NZ

    I would keep a few Dodos safe and when they had more Dodo chicks, I would let one of them go, and so on. When their safe place gets too full, i would let them all go. And the Dodos will have a happy life.

  • Andrew- February 21, 2014

    From Franklin Park Elementary School, NJ

    Keep them as a pet. And I will protect them!

  • Ryan- February 18, 2014

    From CCHS, VA

    well the biggest problem they would face is adapting to the husel and busel of modern society, so i suggest we get an obama-care esk plan to help them get back on there feet.

  • Matthew- February 17, 2014

    From UK

    Adopt a Dodo.

  • RJ- February 14, 2014

    From Williamsburg VA

    Bring them back using their DNA Jurassic Park style.

  • Len- January 13, 2014

    From Jen school

    I wouldn't bring them back to life no matter how cool it would be. thats playing god.

  • Laun- February 12, 2014

    North West

    WI would take a male and female to an island completely cut of from humans like the primuda triangle but the island has to have no predators only wild plant and other non preditorial animals and leave the two of them alone there that way they fend for themselves and live for a long time eventually bringing their entire species back to live.

  • Henry- February 7, 2014

    From Chilton foliat school in Hungerford

    I would care for them.

  • Toby - February 7, 2014

    From Abbotsholme

    I would keep them in a safe environment and breed them until there are enough to survive and then let them free.

  • Joanna- February 6, 2014

    From University of the West Indies in the Caribbean

    We should take steps to conserve them! It's sad to imagine that such an amazing animal became extinct even before we were born and its only predator was.. mankind! Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to bring the Dodo bird back, but we can take steps to preserve other beautiful animals that are on the verge of becoming extinct. For example: WHALES!

  • Travis- February 5, 2014

    From True Fire Inspiration in Ocala, Florida

    First off, I would create an organized place in the world for them to live at where all their needs are met. Then, I would make sure that no one knows where the Dodo birds location is at. I would regularly check on the birds and have them protected by people who know how to treat animals properly. I would ultimately face the challenges that would be involved with keeping the Dodo Birds alive. Keeping them alive would be a heavy task to take care of but once I got the hang of it I could pull it off.

  • Shelby - February 5, 2014

    Make reserves and plant the plants that's provide them for.

  • Alex- February 4, 2014

    From apple garth primery

    I wood let no one go on the islemd.

  • Steve- February 4, 2014

    From HLBourgeois high school in Gray, LA

    If man made them extinct, then I would try to bring them back. It would be a science experiment in preservation.

  • Chris- January 31, 2014

    St. Hamilton's College

    Seems like everyone just picked on them and killed them until there were none left. Not cool at all. We should use the recently found DNA to resurrect them and protect the species. Not eat them.

  • Brynn- January 30, 2014

    I have School at Home

    My friends and i would save money to help protect the dodobirds habitat

  • Esha- January 28, 2014

    From St.Francis Girls High School in Hyderabad

    We should conserve them . Let the dodo birds live according their habitat. Never ever kill it for food or our greed. Let our nature consist more number animal,because what your doing to nature is a reflection to what your doing to yourselves.

  • Chastity - January 27, 2014

    From O'brien Middle School

    I would protect it as much as i can.

  • Sania- January 25, 2014

    From St Micheals school

    huh.. i would save them and make a scearet place where no won can even think where it is.

  • Julia- January 23, 2014

    From Berlin, Germany

    I would have a big Dodo-Farm, where they can live and reproduce without fear and start breeding their eggs. I can then study the Dodo-Family, draw them and write a book about them :-) Then the Dodos can be settled from the farm into little Islands without animals that hunt them. They can live there with other flightless birds or parrots.

  • Ben- January 23, 2014

    From Allegan Middle School in MI/h3>

    I would have a nature preserve and have a fence to keep them in

  • Isla- January 19, 2014

    From Rosalie Primary School in Perth, Australia

    I would stop people from hunting them and make a wildlife preserve so no one will hunt them.

  • Guadalupe - January 18, 2014

    From Harrison in Riverside CA.

    I love to learn about DoDo Birds And new animals. They say that they are dumb but I think they are cool.dodo birds are cool but they are not alive.

  • Vijay- January 13, 2014

    From Dot San

    I will create a 3D model of a Dodo which can be 3D printed. I hope to raise the awareness of mans actions and how they contribute to the destruction of the natural world.

  • Aliyu- January 12, 2014

    From Sun Shine International School in Bauchi

    I would capture them and save them.

  • Nasaka- January 10, 2014

    From Narayana Iit Olympiad in Andhra Pradesh

    I will develop species by planting more and more trees and i will try my level best to decrease pollution by using solar items.

  • Colonel Sanders- January 6, 2014

    From Louisville, Kentucky

    Well, it depends on whether or not they taste good fried with 11 herbs and spices.

  • Lucas- January 6, 2014

    From that one place where brains are not considered a major organ.

    1. Shrink dodos to microbe size. 2. Being microbe size, they will automagically start dividing and multiplying like viruses, because LOL BIOLOGY. 3. Introduce some of Bruce Banner's blood into the mini-dodos's environment to induce rapid mass gain and make them immune to conventional forms of damage. 4. Wait for dodos to grow. 5. ??? 6. Profit.

  • Samantha- January 1, 2014

    From Northdene Preparatory

    I would have protected the environment and stop the poachers no matter what.

  • Eve- December 29, 2013

    From Liverpool

    I would find them a home start breeding and just feed them and then finally set them free after there was loads.

  • Izaia- December 28, 2013

    From Bear Lake, Altamonte Springs

    I would prevent people from going near them and to keep their hands off them.

  • Xu Xinyue- December 23, 2013

    From Jurong West Primary School in Singapore, Jurong West

    I would set up a place and breed all the dodos there and dont let ANYONE to disturbe the dodos.So dodos would still alive nowdays and i can see real dodos right before my eyes(also dont let any animals attack dodos).

  • Nachiket- December 21, 2013

    From India

    Firstly I'll start the breeding of dodos to make increase in birds ratio and will band the killing the birds and will protect them.

  • Mitosz- December 20, 2013

    From St. Mary in England London

    I would find a Island and keep them safe there and give them lots of food.

  • Adam- December 18, 2013

    From Santa Fe

    Save them

  • Andrew- December 17, 2013

    From Winston Churchill Middle School in California

    I would take their DNA and clone them, like with the sheep named Dolly. This way, with successful replication, we could all HAVE DODOS! and maybe they will become so domesticate using this method they replace our American turkey dinners.

  • Jeremiah- December 11, 2013

    Home School in MI

    I would sail to their home and I would protect them with a em-tea gun, no bullets.

  • Scarlett- December 3, 2013

    From Centennial Senior Public School in Brampton, Ontario

    I would sail across the sea and try to find a island that is big enough for at least 20-50 Dodo birds. I would also make a shelter/home for them to be safe in, otherwise the rainstorms would attack them and kill 10-20 of the Dodo birds. I would also make a food house that the dodo birds can go to and eat so they can be healthy. There would also be water for them to drink too so they won`t be thirsty all the time. Since there would be water all around the big island, I would build a medium sized wall so they won`t go in the water and swim away. But, if i can`t find an island then everything I said above, would never be true.

  • Hugeindra - December 3, 2013

    From Penang, Malaysia

    Reminding the public through the media to avoid consuming or buying products made from endangered species.

  • Erin - December 1, 2013

    From UWS in Syndey

    Use extracted DNA to clone the dodo. It humans fault the dodo became extinct, we should do everything in our power to bring them back.

  • Kayla - November 28, 2013

    From MISJ in Jakarta

    would tell the hunters to stop killing these dodos and do something else rather than killing these poor creatures. I would also go to WWF to adopt an animal that is the Dodo to make them live! Protect the EARTH!!

  • Tori - November 24, 2013

    From Central Elementary in Iowa

    Protect them and see if I can train them

  • Sadeer - November 24, 2013

    From England

    Using the DNA I would recreate the Dodo and farm them intensively for my new range of Dodo burgers...may even offer the idea to McDonald's "le mcdodo burger"...yummy

  • Jacqui - November 22, 2013

    From SHS

    I would make homes for them and keep them safe cause i love me some DODOS.

  • Jasmine - October 31, 2013

    From Wheeler Elementary in Hawaii/Wahiawa

    I would put the birds on an island where about no people live so they can live there. I would also visit that island at least once a month to see how well they are doing. I would bring food and a lot of things they need to survive, and give the stuff to them. if anyone went to that island unless I said they could would be in jail for 15-20 years. if anyone went to that island and made a threat to kill one I would put them in jail for 16-23 years. if anyone went to the island and KILLED one I would put them in jail for 20-50 years and kill them. once the birds have breeded enough I would let them go any where they want.

  • Josh - October 30, 2013

    From Morrinsville Intermediate School

    Resurrect the dodo so they can be fluffy pets.

  • Jennifer - October 28, 2013

    From International Bible Christian School in Savannah, Georgia, USA

    If practical in our climate, our students would probably try to raise some in our fenced-in church yard. If not, we would probably sponsor one at a local preserve and visit him/her. For my part, I would continue to teach my children that we are to be good stewards of God's creation.

  • Philipp Michael - October 23, 2013

    O.H.S in Tracy

    I know that they are not for eating.

  • Brett - October 18, 2013

    From Brooksie, Florida

    I would make the dodos the king of the world everyone would worship them and never hurt a single one and if you did you would be killed! because the dodo bird is the best species ever if it wasnt extinct all problems would be solved thanks to THE STUPID HUNTERS we have wars and fihgt people and other bad stuff this all would be fixed if dodos were still alive!

  • Fred - October 17, 2013

    From Fred's Guns & Bait Shop in Alabama

    I'd sell DoDo hunting permits, and special DoDo .22 LR H/E rounds. And, my brother-in-Law Billy (owner of "Billy's Stuffed Stuff"), will give a 25% discount on DoDo birds over 10lbs.

  • Christian - October 16, 2013

    From Norway

    Save them

  • Premashantha Kumarasiri - October 15, 2013

    From Science For Scholars in Dekatana, Sri Lanka

    I I Would Help To Breed The Dodos and Give a Better Environment to their Survival.

  • Devon - October 10, 2013

    From Beloit College - in Beloit, Wisconsin

    Bake in a simple honey-vinegar glaze and prepare a thin, light creamed shallot sauce. Serve with steamed Chinese broccoli and lightly fried Shahe fen noodles in a light sesame sauce.

  • Anastasia - October 9, 2013


    I would try to resurrect the dodo but if it dod not work i would leave nature to itself

  • Patrick - September 20, 2013

    From Philippines

    May 2013 news that they already perfect cloning human and animals through cell, well it is possible to clone the fossils that they've found?. As technology become more advance I believe this living fossils will be seen alive again.

  • Galuh - September 17, 2013

    From NFBS in Indonesia

    I would make some Special Island For Them To Live.

  • Joey - September 14, 2013

    From Columbus, GA

    Save them.

  • Kunal - September 7, 2013

    From Tripada day school in Ahmedabad

    I never let the bird to die.

  • Gowri - September 4, 2013

    From Government Junior College t.t.h in Karnataka

    I save my environment.

  • Roy - August 29, 2013

    From Unknown

    i would put a bowtie on it on walk it.

  • Chase - August 19, 2013

    From Black History Museum

    I'll raise them in my basement, feed them, nurture them, give them sunlight when appropriate-- all of those things. I'd teach them tasks around the house such as cleaning and organizing my office. Later, they can cook for me. I'd find them so useful that I'd want to keep them around, so I'd put an aphrodisiac into the air in the basement so they would constantly reproduce, keeping their species alive for generations to come.

  • Alison - August 12, 2013

    From Alice Fong Yu School in California

    I would help them find a place to live where people can't hurt them

  • RainBlossom - August 12, 2013

    Nature Conservatory

    I would care and nurture for the dodo birds!!!

  • Nathan - August 12, 2013

    From Dodo Land in Houston, TX

    I would save them by teaching them all to fly. It would be a process, but it could be do do done. I also would help them by planting food, that they may eat.

  • Brendan - August 9, 2013

    From Samuel Houston Elementary

    I would clone one and protect it and see if I could clone another one (female) and breed them and start a new race:)

  • Nirbindu - August 5, 2013

    From St Francis High School in Mumbai

    I will hide them in as small island. where no one hasann go. where dodobirds can live and grow well. And they will never extinct.

  • Doll - August 3, 2013

    C.G.H.S in Goa, India

    I will try to save them.

  • Adam - August 3, 2013

    From London, Ont., Canada

    i would and will and am letting all of you know that the Dodo bird is alive and well thanks to the telosians way beneath mount Shasta!! I know this sounds silly but it is really true and they are just waiting for all of us on the surface to wake up so we can be together!! they are our family and have saved more than just the dodo bird!!! it is very crucial that we open our hearts so we can meet them and the dodo Bird!!!

  • Elisa - July 26, 2013

    From Liceo Panamericano in Guayaquil, Ecuador

    I would build a reserve for them to live and reproduce.

  • Tarang - July 25, 2013

    I would give a safe place.

  • Alice - July 16, 2013

    From UK

    I would build a tree house on the island to keep them safe and give them lots of food and drink.

  • Sanjoy - July 13, 2013

    From India

    I would like to conserve them in a well place ,so that they can survive forever.

  • Micha - July 13, 2013

    From Wyland elementary in Pennsyvania USA

    I would make a law that no one could kill dodo birds if they did they would go to jail for 10 years.

  • Katrina - June 30, 2013


    I would plant a bird house in my big backyard. for the Dodo bird.

  • Chelsea - June 29, 2013

    Gibbs high school in Tennessee

    I would bring two-three females and two-three males to a sanctuary made just for them. It would be made into a breeding center. Then I would push the government to protect them and make it where they cannot be poached in the USA and find a reasonable place for them to live and flourish here. Away from preditors.

  • Sanya Shai - June 28, 2013

    Amity international in Haryana, Gurgaon

    I would like to kill the hunters.

  • Kamaldeep Kaur - June 28, 2013

    Msms Vidyalaya - Jaipur

    By giving them a better environmental condition according to their adaptions.

  • Emily - June 27, 2013

    Danforth Junior High in Texas, Wimberley

    I would take them to an environmental safety place/ also i would try to take them to the WWF and stop all of the illegal hunting and, breed them so they could repopulate, then i would try to create a nature preserved place for them to live peacefully together of coarse with other animals once theres enough of them to go on and live forever!

  • Michael P. - June 25, 2013


    Over billions of years of evolution,countless numbers of species have met their fate buy the natural way of extinction. Bringing back an extinct bird will give only a mere fraction of a picture of what life had to offer back then. Think of the species that share the blue planet with us at the present moment , we should give them the much needed love and attention they deserve so they can survive.....just as we do.

  • Lindsey - June 25, 2013

    Honeysuckle Middle

    I would help protect them because our world is forgetting some of the animals and are becoming extinct.the world is like our body's the rivers our circulatory systems.go dodo birds.

  • Sahana - June 15, 2013

    Army Public School, Bangalor

    I would take help from WWF and stop all poching hunting and bring the dodo in such a place where there will be no hunting or poching I think a forest with a grill in the border will be the best. and protect other animals

  • Ranbir - June 11, 2013

    From DPS Sushant Lok in Gurgaon, Harayana

    I would kept her in a safe place where no one could find her.

  • Anonymous - June 8, 2013

    If the birds are alive to keep in zoo or live nature.

  • Alejandro - June 5, 2013

    From North Loop Elementary - El Paso, Texas

    I would build a dodo bird sanctuary to protect them from being killed and I would push the gonverment to help protect this animal.

  • Bailey- June 5, 2013

    From Summit High

    Find an island like the one they lived on before, so that they would have no predators and could flourish. Don't put them in a zoo, because then they would only be looked at as a lab rat.

  • Amanda - June 1, 2013

    From K12

    You could put them in zoo so that no one could mess with them.

  • Katy - May 26, 2013

    From Harry Wirtz Elementary in California

    I would have kept them in a nature center befote they would have became extinct.

  • Eloise - May 23, 2013

    From Cheam High School

    I would start a campaign to raise money. I would also go to the island in which they live and put some in a stimulation of the environment and maybe help the breed.

  • Shawna - May 21, 2013

    From Euphoria

    I would Love to Hear the sound the Dodo used to communicate. Sound would only be permitted by DNA Regeneration. Let the Dodo revive until permanently sustained.

  • Lindsey - May 14, 2013

    From Paul H. Pewitt School in Texas

    I would secure and help them. I would feed them and take care of them. I think it would be really cool to see one of them today alive. Like actually living.

  • Zachary - May 13, 2013

    From Toronto, Ontario

    I will take care until they die.

  • Dhia - May 1, 2013

    From Innova Primary School in Singapore

    I will care for them. I will donate to the animal hospital to help the animals over there.

  • Elise - April 23, 2013

    From Kiser

    I would give them lots of food and water and build an animal sanctuary. If anyone tried to poach them, I would scare them away with weapons. I'm very protective of animals and i want them to stay healthy and alive.

  • Dylan - April 19, 2013

    From Evrets Middel School, Willis

    get a pic of the bird and it woud be nice to see one.and it wold be cool to have them live for along time like brening back dinocors.

  • Andrew - April 12, 2013

    From La Sierra University, CA

    think that the dodo would be a great replacement for chickens as a source of food once the number of their surviving species is brought up.

  • Jason - April 11, 2013

    From Maryland, Robert Frost MS

    I would keep it as a pet or give it to a zoo to take care of.

  • Lizzy - April 9, 2013

    Tertnes, Norway

    I would create some sort of sanctuary for them, possibly an island or something in the lines. I would try to have them as free as possible though, strict captivity might limit their development.

  • Mike - March 21, 2013

    From Loudonville High School, Loudonville, Ohio

    I would round up as many as I could find, keep them held captive untill they are suitable for mating and surviving in the wild, the buy my own big peace of land and let them run free so that humans could not hunt them. I mean come on they were one of the coolest birds that lived and now we cant see a live one because pity humans had to hunt them without thinking of the consequences.

  • Andi - March 14, 2013

    From Tuscano Elementary in Phoeniz, AZ

    I would make sure that people were not allowed to kill these birds, I would make sure they were safe. I also would have a Dodo Bird sanctuary so there would always be Dodo Birds.

  • Kadeem - March 5, 2013

    From Allendale, South Carolina

    I will send people to find them and report it to the usa

  • John- February 28, 2013

    From Bellows Spring Elementary in Ellicott City

    Protect it from predators. Keep it on an island where it would be safe. Give it food and water so it would stay alive. Various answers given from students.

  • Ben - February 23, 2013

    From Hans Herr Elementary in Strasburg, Pennsylvania

    I would buy one

  • Curt - February 5, 2013

    I would set out to see and prove if their really is any more dodos out there.... i mean people cant really search every part of that island right?

  • Katie - February 4, 2013

    From C.M.S.

    I would put them in their natural habitat and I would make sure they had a lot of food or fruit nuts and seeds and I would also make sure their habitat was safe and make sure it wasn't polluted just until they were multiplied.

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